black cats are my favorite cats. unfortunately, that isn’t a sentiment that’s shared by the majority of the world. there are lots of superstitions involving black cats, lots of old wives’ tales surrounding black cats, and as a result, lots of fear of and dislike for black cats.

don’t hate a cat just because it’s black. black cats will be every bit as loving as any other cat. black cats are statistically the least adopted, and have the highest rates of euthanasia. the saddest fact is that a lot of black cats aren’t even given the chance to be adopted by shelters: if shelters are on the verge of overpopulation, and some new cats are brought in, a lot of times they’ll euthanize the black ones right away, assuming that they won’t get adopted and just take up space.

it’s October, Halloween is just around the corner. while I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotypes that make black cats so feared and hated, I do have to admit that October makes me think of black cats. (probably because so many people say that witches’ cats are black.) so this October, if you or someone you know is planning to adopt a cat, consider a black cat.

don’t hate a cat right away because of its color. no black cat will hate you because of the color of your hair.

Mr.Tibbs is a black cat and he is one of the funniest cats I have ever met.

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    I want a black cat specifically so its hair won’t show up on my clothes. More cuddle ops.
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    …. wait people actually believe in this bad luck black cat stuff this much? geeeez. I always thought all cats were cute...
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    I adopted my kitty during adopt-a-black-pet-month august 2010. She is so beautiful with a white polka dot on her chest...
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    Look how awesome black cats can be!
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    associating a cat with halloween just makes it even better!
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    Aw :’-(
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    THIS. At the shelter where I volunteer, there are always SO many more black cats than any other kind. And most often,...
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    agree 100%. black cats (british bombays and american bombays) are actually super smart and affectionate and are not...
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    I own a black cat, he’s the sweetest thing. Not unlucky at all.
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